Independent Bling Consultant Program Launch!!

It’s here! Our Independent Bling Consultant Program is here! We hope that you’ll join the My Bling Place family as one of our Independent Bling Consultants! Now for the details:

There are 4 different options for startup which may be found on our Bling Consultant Kit page. We’ve tried to keep it affordable for everyone that is interested in becoming a part of our program. There are options ranging from $25 to $799!

We are currently only accepting Bling Consultants in the U.S. who are 18 and older, but we plan to expand this in the very new future, so check back with us.

All Bling Consultants will earn 30% on their product sales, 10% on fundraisers, and overrides on their downline.

My Bling Place Compensation Plan Sept 13


We have great hostess and fundraising plans that are company sponsored, and so much more coming! Please feel free to contact us, or the Bling Consultant that sent you to the site with any questions that you may have!

Are you ready to join??? Then click here!


  1. Dawnmarie Abel says:

    can you sign up for this company if you are a consultant for Our Hearts Desire.

    • My Bling Place says:

      Unfortunately since they carry the same bracelets and charms that we do, you cannot. Should they ever discontinue them, you are welcome to as our policy just says that you cannot be with a company that offers the same products that we do.

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